The Roberts Family

I have a confession to make...up until recently I had been feeling a little lost when it comes to my family shoots.  I am sure other photographers have felt this way, but I kept seeing a disconnect between how I wanted my family sessions to look in terms of style and photo and how they actually turned out.  I have been so blessed to have clients that are willing to let me experiment on them, stumble my way through their session, even step in cow poop for them (see last week's post), just so I can try and capture them as they truly are.  Over the past month or so, the gap between what I wanted to be and what I was doing started to get smaller and smaller (remember the awesome photos from last week??)...and then this session with the Roberts family happened.

Some of you may remember this sweet family from a few other posts.  I had my very first newborn session with them a couple of years ago and have had the opportunity to photograph their oldest daughter a few times.  Even before they were pregnant with their second baby, they told me they wanted me to take his/her newborn photos.  WOW.  Talk about trust.  I have so much respect and love for this family (and their extended family), my hope was to find a way to show them just how beautiful they are together. 

Folks...this is real life, and I love it.  No forced posed shots (that's hard to do with a toddler anyway), no props, nothing.  Just a family living life and me with my camera being a fly on the wall for an hour.  There is something so effortlessly beautiful about just being real.  I am so excited to share these with you:


I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday,