Monday Musings | 6.15.2015

Those Monday feelings.  They can be one of two things...either (1) dreading the day/need an extra two cups of coffee or (2) feeling jazzed about a fresh start and a new week.

Surprisingly, I'm feeling more jazz than dread today, which is a nice change!  I'm crediting it to the fact that I figured out how to drink regular coffee at home rather than going to Starbucks for espresso (thank you, pour overs) AND to the fact that we have a ton of really amazing posts lined up over on the The Cocobee blog this week.  Really good stuff. We're getting deep and talking about mom guilt, cleaning house (literally), God's plans, and that's just through Wednesday.  My photography blog is going to be quieter than usual the next couple weeks as I get through editing and start prepping for baby (oh yeah), but my blogging game over on The Cocobee will be going strong.  I would love for you to come join our community!  You can find us on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | PINTEREST.  And if you need a refresher, here's our WEBSITE.


Speaking of editing, I'm currently working on this lovely family's session from a week ago.  This is such a mind trip for me...I remember babysitting the twins when they were my daughter's age and now they're going into their junior year of high school!!  Whaaaattt???  If you're friends with me on Facebook, I'll have you know that this was the session where I stepped in cow dung.  But it was totally worth it.  I mean, that barn?  That light?  C'mon.  I'll step in cow poop any day if this is what it gets me (you're welcome for that visual):


Have a fabulous rest of your week!