Monday Musings | 6.29.2015

Happy Monday, everyone!  It was a hot one over the weekend and I hope everyone was able to stay slightly cool.  After this past weekend I feel very confident in the fact that I am supposed to be living in the PNW because after just two days of 90+ weather, I was begging for rain.  And, in case you missed it, we did get rain in the form of a thunderstorm this morning around 3:30am.  Hooray!  Here's to a **slightly** cooler week.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Caitlin and Logan!  I am photographing their wedding in October and am SO excited for them.  They are probably two of the most chill people you will ever know and super easy to get along with...which is good, because we decided to drive an hour into the mountains together for their engagement session. ;) We went to one of my all-time favorite hikes when I was younger, Franklin Falls.  This hike is great for families and, yes, even 7-month pregnant ladies like myself.  It's a two-mile hike roundtrip and you get to see a spectacular waterfall.  If you go late enough in the summer, sometimes you can hike back along the river bed rather than on the trail.  Bonus!  If you want to skip part of the hike and just want to get to the falls (like we did yesterday), there is a place to park about a half mile down the road from the trailhead parking.  Here's the LINK if you're interested in learning more.

One of the things I loved about working with Caitlin and Logan was seeing how comfortable they are with each other.  I'm finding that some of my favorite frames are the ones where they are just interacting with each other.  Thanks for braving the heat and humidity with me, you two!  I can't wait to share the rest with you.

Here are a few of my faves:


Have a wonderful Monday!