Patterson Family

I remember the scene quite vividly: We were seated in the cheesiest seafood restaurant in Reno. Imagine huge plastic sea creatures surrounding each table and floating on the ceiling, then add in the most brilliant blue and green neon lighting. I'm most certainly not kidding. Sitting across from me were two women I admired greatly, coworkers who I wanted to be like both personally and professionally. Our conversation floated from work talk to life talk and rested on the fact that none of us could possibly fathom having children. Nope, not us. No way. We had too many plans, too much work, too many career dreams. Kids just didn't fit in the picture.

It is amazing how priorities and life dreams evolve as we get older. As the years passed, the three of us grew...together and separately. We became close friends and coworkers, sharing more with each other about our goals and dreams than we did with others. Well, maybe that was only me. ;)

I look back on that conversation fondly, the one amidst the blue/green neon lights. It is hard to believe that was five years ago. So much has changed since that Reno visit. We've had career changes, life changes and location changes.

I was the one who caved first, doing a complete 180 from swearing I didn't want kids to feeling like there was a huge hole in our life without them. Last year, Rikki welcomed her first baby into the world and it was a huge honor to photograph her and her little family. And, wouldn't you know it, earlier this year I got a call from Sarah sharing that she was expecting a little baby boy in the fall.

There is something so special about being a parent and witnessing your close friends also become parents. I wrote about this a little bit in Rikki's post last year, and it is absolutely still relevant. Bringing new life into the world is no small feat, and I am so incredibly proud of Sarah and Andrew for all they have done for their little one even before he was born. This little baby is going to be very, very loved.

Normally I say "I had the opportunity" when introducing a photo set but the truth is, I didn't really have the opportunity to have a session with Sarah and Andrew. No...I basically said "I'm coming to do your newborn photos. Tell me what day and I'll be in LA." They didn't really have a choice, it was just going to happen. :) And so, after baby Patterson made his entrance into the world, we found a way to get me down to sunny LA and I got the chance to spend a few hours with this sweet little family.

Here are some favorite snaps:


Sarah and Andrew, thank you so much for allowing me into your home! I hope that these photos make you proud.