The Beach

In early August my family and I headed to the Oregon coast for some much needed R&R. Of course, our version of rest and relaxation has changed drastically since having kids. :) In this case, it meant that our 6am coffee was accompanied by a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and our evenings were usually spent soaking up the last bit of sunlight with our toes in the sand.

I brought my camera in hopes of documenting the trip, but only ended up catching snips here and there. It was a refreshing change in scenery, with lots of open space and clean light. Although my times with the camera were short, I know we will cherish the moments captured forever.


I always tell my lovely clients that my goal is to tell a story, their story, through a set of images. Rarely do I end up delivering duplicates or seemingly duplicates of the same shot or angle. Rather, my hope is that each frame will bring back a memory to them ten, fifteen, twenty years from now. Individually and in the aggregate, their photos capture the heart of who they are.

Similarly, every single photo I snapped while at the beach has a story. I've hesitated to share these images with you all because seeing them only gives you half of the story. If I had my way, you'd be sitting with me on our couch and would get the scoop on why Bernadette had the biggest smile on her face, what happened to Madison at the end of the trip, etc.

I actually did just that on Friday. Sit on the couch, I mean, and share a little bit about our favorite images. I posted it all on Facebook live, and you can watch the replay HERE.

Instead of putting all the photos out there digitally, I printed them in a photo book! These photo books are AMAZING and I love them so, so much. They're printed through my pro lab (Miller's, if you're interested) with a satin cover and are simply beautiful.


Printing your photos is SO IMPORTANT, friends!! With the holidays just around the corner, now is a great time to start dreaming up some lovely gifts for your family (and yourselves, if we're being real here). If you're interested in learning more about these books, I would love to share! Shoot me a message and we can chat more about them.

Have a lovely week, folks.