Our little family has been sidelined this week as we recover from a nasty cold. Everyone seems to be doing much better, except for the lingering runny nose or two. Yesterday we needed a change of scenery so I packed up the girls and we headed to the outlets to pick up a few new long sleeve shirts. I rarely put Bernadette and Madison in matching outfits, but these "Pretty Amazing Sister" shirts from Old Navy were just too cute to pass up.

I haven't been feeling my camera lately, not for personal photography at least. A large part of it is probably the fact that Bernadette has reached the stage where she really doesn't want to sit still for the camera (who can blame her?) and Madison wants everything to do with the camera...except have her own picture taken. I think this is why I'm drawn to documentary family photography, because I totally understand the pains of trying to get my own kids to look and smile at the camera. Very few young children will willingly do this, and rightly so. What's awesome is that if you relinquish the session to them and just let them be themselves, their inner beauty will shine and be better than anything you would have ever wanted.

These pics aren't perfect, but I love them because they're really the only few I took of the girls this month. It was a rare morning where we had time to just play and be ourselves, together. I'm grateful I made the effort to grab my camera.

Favorite moments: Madison "texting" on our old landline phone // Bernadette looking sweet on her bed while covertly stuffing a makeup brush in her sock (which I found thirty minutes later while she was running around // Sitting the two girls on Bernadette's bed and having them go from 0-60 when Bernadette tried taking the phone from Madison's hand. The phrase "Be nice to your sister" is exiting my mouth a lot more these days. // Grabbing a couple of snaps with Bernadette and her beloved stuffed animal "Affigoffi." Yes, she named him that about a year ago and it's the only name that has stuck. Even Madison knows his name and lovingly calls him "Af."



Happy weekend!