Monday Musings | 7.12.2015

Hey friends, I hope that this Monday Musings finds you all well. :)  It has been a while since I last posted...Facebook keeps reminding me it has been over a week since my last post on the business page.  We have been busy bees in the Kolbrick house these past few weeks, just a lot going on.  This past weekend is one of my last full-shoot weekends before a few fabulous weddings with some great couples...and then baby #2 should be on her way.  Honestly, I thought that I would feel a little less busy this July compared to my previous busy season July's as an auditor.  While I know deep down that I'm not nearly as busy, it sure feels pretty darn close!  The only difference is instead of wading through Excel workbooks I'm walking on my knees in dead grass and trying to make people comfortable in front of a camera. ;)  Hehehe, yes, I'm busy.  But still loving it. 

This weekend I was supposed to have four shoots (yes, four shoots in one weekend, I know I'm crazy).  Unfortunately, I had to postpone my Saturday night shoot due to some personal stuff (yay, urgent care!).  All is well, but it was tough to have to move that one.  I am super excited for our rescheduled date, which is now next weekend, especially because I think we're going to get some more sun than this past weekend!


Each shoot from this weekend deserves its own little feature, so I'll post sneak peeks throughout the week for you all.  First up: Ashley!  Ashley and I muscled through our Accounting classes together at Gonzaga and ended up at the same public accounting firm.  After transitioning to industry for a few years, Ashley decided to pursue a new career in real estate!  She just started a few months ago and from our conversation on Friday night it's obvious she is so passionate about it, and loves it.  She wanted to do something a little different for her head shots and asked if I would be up for a non-traditional head shot session.

My reaction?  UM, YES PLEASE.  I couldn't respond to her message fast enough.  I have a secret love (guess it's not so secret anymore, whoops) for head shot sessions.  It's so important to have a professional looking head shot, but also incredibly important to be true to yourself and have some photos that capture the essence of YOU.  Otherwise, people are going to see right through that super posed, super stiff photo that pops up in Outlook.  I'm so excited to work through these and wanted to share a few favorites:


If having a few non-traditional head shots is something that interests you, I would LOVE to get in touch.  Feel free to shoot me a message through the website or email (! 

Have a great Monday,