Sydney + Ryan

I feel like a Starbucks barista this morning, calling "out of order soy chai latte!"  Or, in this case "out of order sneak peek from the weekend!" If you're from the PNW you are well aware that we didn't get sunshine until late Sunday afternoon...and yes, I'm totally guilty of jumping around with my sneak peeks here.  BUT, it was between this post and some images of a seriously adorable baby so you guys were going to win either way. ;)  Keep your eye out for the final sneak peek on Friday!


Okay. I have secretly been trying to devise a way to get my brother-in-law and his sweet girlfriend in front of my camera for much, much longer than I am willing to admit.  And yes, I could have just asked but sometimes I get nervous about flat out asking people and it takes me a while to work up the confidence.  Imagine my elation when Ryan called me up and asked  if we could do a session "just for fun." 

Just for fun?  Oh hold on, let me check my dream shoot calendar.  To quote my Monday Musings: UM, YES PLEASE. 

These two are true high school sweethearts and now that they are in college, it is really cool to see them coming into their own, both individually and together.  My husband and I had a somewhat similar experience (we started dating after high school graduation but knew each other before then).  While everyone's experience is different, knowing how much going to college shaped my relationship with my husband, I am excited to see where the next few years have in store for these two.

We headed to my new favorite location in Covington, Jenkins Creek (remember Danica's session?) and the sunlight was pretty magical.  Plus, Sydney is STUNNING. Like, for reals.  I'm so excited to share these images with you and hope they bring a smile to your face:


Thank you, Sydney and Ryan, for asking me to snap a few photos of you two!  I hope you enjoy them.  :)

Happy Wednesday, y'all,