All in the Details | Konikow Family

In-home sessions are quickly becoming my favorite type of family session.  Why is that, you ask?  Let me tell you...there is something so special about having photos taken in your own home.  Not only are you far more comfortable (I mean, it is where you spend a lot of your time), but it gives me the opportunity to capture details that will help you remember the small moments several years from now.

Case in point: I had the opportunity to shoot Devon and Noah and their sweet daughter over the weekend.  We timed the shoot just right so that I would be able to capture her waking up from her first nap, a nice little awake period, and then her going down for her next nap.  We spent the first and last moments of the session in her nursery.  Devon shared with me that everything down to the stuffed animals on the shelves were made by her in preparation for her daughters arrival!  So, so creative.  And so special!  What a treasure for her daughter to have.  I alsolove that her nursery was filled to the brim with books.  Part of their naptime routine, in fact, is reading a book while she has a bottle. 

Here are some of my favorite captures:


Thank you, Devon and Noah, for having me!  I can't wait to share the rest with you. :)

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