O, Christmas Tree

It never really feels like Christmas until you have a Christmas tree in your house...at least that's how I've been feeling the past few years.  Christmas trees were always a big deal for us growing up.  My mom is an interior designer and, as you probably can imagine, she would have the ability to create decorated trees that were beautiful works of art. I also worked at Hallmark for several years and have a nice little keepsake ornament collection to show for it. :)

Now that Reece and I are parents, all of our Christmas traditions seem to have increased importance.  I think this is especially true now that Bernadette is old enough to sort of understand what is going on. 

Some of you may remember the photos I posted last year from our Christmas tree hunt...  Reece had the opportunity this year to work at Sleigh Bells Christmas Tree Farm in Monroe, so yesterday our little family went up there to find our own Christmas tree.  My parents also joined us, which was super special.


If you are still in need of a Christmas tree, I would highly recommend looking into Sleigh Bells.  Their property is GORGEOUS and the family that runs the farm is so incredibly kind.  I want to be best friends with all of them.  They have been so wonderful to us these past two years, and you can tell that this farm holds a special place in their hearts. 

Some tree farms go all out with the Christmas decorations...Santa Claus visits and all sorts of decor.  While that is all well and good, the thing I love about Sleigh Bells is the experience as a whole is very intimate.  They have a fire pit near the barn where you can have hot cocoa or cider.  When you're ready to find your tree, you just hop on the trailer and they will bring you out in the middle of these gorgeous trees.  Once you have found the perfect tree, the trailer will come back around and pick you up.  Super simple.  They give you time to spend with your family, and invite you to chat with theirs as well.  They understand the importance of the season...spending time with family and loving on others. 


Some special memories: Seeing how excited Bernadette was to go Christmas tree hunting || Saying hi to a few close family friends also working at the farm || Watching Madison watch everyone else...what a trooper || Finding an awesome tree (more pics to come once it's decorated) || Chatting with one of the owners while Madison napped || Snapping a few pics of Bernadette jumping in every mud puddle that existed on the farm.  So fun!

Here are some favorite images: