Emily + Behren

Oh golden hour, how I've missed you!  There is something so magical about shooting as the sun is setting, and the weather was PERFECT over the holiday weekend.  On Saturday I had the opportunity to spend some time with Emily and Behren down at Alki.  I used to work with both of them, and was so honored when Emily reached out and asked if I was available to shoot their wedding next September. 

These two are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and it was so awesome to witness the love between them.  It was frigid cold during our shoot, but you would not know based on the pictures.  I think one of my favorite memories from the session was seeing how much Behren took care of Emily, making sure she was warm and comfortable.  It's clear that she's the love of his life, and vice versa.  (Imagine me smiling BIG, because I am).


I'll never forget one work day a few years ago...a few of us were gathered around a computer and looking at another photographer's blog.  I had just started practicing photography and made a comment like "If I could take photos like that, I would die of happiness!"  Without skipping a beat, Emily said: "One day you will, Katie!  I believe in you!"  It meant so much to me, and has always stayed in my heart as I transitioned away from public accounting and into photography full-time. 

I'm so, so thrilled to share some of my favorite moments with you.  Emily, I hope you love them.



Thank you, Emily and Behren, for spending time with me and trusting me with your engagement photos!  I can't wait for your wedding next year!!


P.S. It's Cyber Monday everyone!  The Christmas card sale has been extended through today, so head on over to the HOLIDAY page and order those cards before it's too late. <3