Lange Family | October Update

A couple weeks ago I met up with the Lange family for a quick session with their adorable daughter.  I have so been loving these "Year-in-Photos" sessions with the Lange family because I get to see how miss K grows every few months. 

From a personal standpoint, the timing of this last session could not have been better for me.  At the time we were still very much in the newborn baby universe (aka, no sleep, lots of crying).  It was awesome to hang out with such a lovely, relaxed, no-fuss family and also to be reminded of the sweet phase between new baby and chatty toddler.  :) 


Also, I am excited to share that I am offering two "Year-in-Photos" packages for 2016!  Both packages include multiple sessions (two and four), as well as a discount on photo products and a photo book with some of our favorite images throughout the year.  They are fabulous options for any family who wants to document how much their kiddo(s) grow during the year.  I already have a few families in the books and would love to share more with you if you are interested!  Email for all the details.


Per usual, I had a hard time just picking a few favorites!  I thought these images might be perfect to kick off Halloween week.  Enjoy!


^^ That face! Love.