Caitlin + Logan | Wedding

This past Saturday I had the privilege of photographing Caitlin and Logan's wedding in Seattle.  From the minute they hired me, these two had a special place in my heart. They are the first couple that booked me without any sort of referral from a friend or family member. I placed a bid on their photographer request on thumbtack and after seeing my work and chatting on the phone, they decided they wanted me to capture their big day. Given that this past year marked my first full year of business and first official wedding season, knowing they trusted me to do a good job strictly with what they had seen previously meant the world. And was a little scary...but mostly just awesome. :)


When I met Caitlin and Logan in person for their engagement photos, it was clear from the start how much they really care for each other. They have been through a lot together and I saw pretty early on that they recognized a wedding is just one day in their lives, but a marriage is a lifetime. That is so key, and I'm super grateful that all of my couples this year realize that.

Saturday was filled with all sorts of love and laughter, just how a wedding should be. It was awesome to see how much support Logan's family gave could tell she is already considered part of the family. Everyone was so welcoming and just genuinely happy to celebrate Caitlin and Logan. I am excited to share these images with you and hope they give you a glimpse of the day!

Also, I want to give a shout out to the venue, Blue Ribbon Cooking. They offer all inclusive weddings, including flowers, food and overall planning. The venue was beautiful (on the water!) and the food was to die for. If anyone is getting married soon and looking for a place in Seattle, I would check them out!


Some of my favorite moments: Watching Logan and Caitlin check in with each other throughout the day | Going to Gas Works for the ceremony and seeing complete strangers congratulation them | They had a Best Ma'am and a Man of Honor (get it?) | Their officiant wore a kilt | Close friends were included in family photos because they were considered extended family (that's the best) | Taking photos of their work friends, because work friends are always awesome | The cake topper was just funny | S'mores bar for dessert! | Legos and play-doh station for the kiddos

Two other favorite moments: The first dance...I love first dances because no matter how crazy the day has been, when the couple comes together for their first dance everything and everyone else just melts away. It's such a personal and almost emotional moment when it finally hits them that they are married and I love it. All the feels.

The very last dance I documented was a special dedication from Logan's brother-in-law to his wife (Logan's sister), as they had just celebrated their ten year wedding anniversary. They danced to their wedding song and invited everyone else up join them. Eventually they split up and danced with their kids. Both kids were completely and totally relaxed in their parents' arms and it was just the coolest thing to see. I definitely got a little misty-eyed watching it unfold.


Okay, enough talking! Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!


Thanks so much, you two, for letting me be part of your special day!  Hope you like the photos and that they bring back good memories. :)

And let's be friends, k?