Happy Friday, everyone!

Wow, you can definitely tell that the holidays are nearing.  Anyone else feeling like their calendar is suddenly full? It seems like everyone I have been talking to is struggling with a full calendar and our family is definitely in the thick of things, too.

In the middle of the crazy, it is easy to forget to marvel at the beauty of the season. Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet Sylvia and some of her family, and we had the chance to enjoy some of the Pacific NW's finest fall beauty...and RAIN!  The weather was super unpredictable the whole time we were together, from rain to wind to sun at the very end.  I am grateful that they were willing to brave the elements with me, because her photos turned out beautiful (just like she is!).

I wanted to share a few of my favorites from our time together, just in time for the weekend:


Thanks so much for spending time with me, Sylvia!  It was awesome to meet you, and I can tell you are destined for great things. :)