The Blueberry Farm | July

About a month ago, I traveled down to Washougal to check in on Jordan and Luke and their blueberry farm! Some of you may remember the beginning of their story and my trip down there in early spring (you can read all about it HERE). The amount of progress they've made in just a few short months is seriously impressive and so awesome! It was amazing to see how their dreams and ideas have taken shape throughout their property.

Spending time with these two doesn't really feel like work. I actually felt a little guilty being down there because I had basically invited myself over. They were kind enough to make me dinner, let me walk all around their property and even let me snap a few photos of the two of them before I left! 

Selfishly, it was wonderful to take a break from the usual photo shoot flow and focus on photographing something other than humans. It's definitely not a strength of mine and I felt pretty clumsy at times (especially working with a tilt-shift lens, something I'd never done before). I am so thankful for Jordan and Luke, especially their hospitality and friendship.

Here are a few favorites from that evening:


You might be wondering...Where are the pics of the blueberries??! It is a blueberry farm after all! :) Well, turns out this property is very well known in the area for its blueberry crop and by the time I was able to go down there, nearly all of the blueberries were gone!! Isn't that crazy and so awesome?!

As you probably could see in some of the photos, they have an amazing plum crop this year as well. I just saw Jordan post that the plums are all picked and ready to eat, just in time for their end-of-summer barn sale!! If you live in the area or are up for a drive tomorrow, I highly recommend checking them out. Jordan's style is on point and so much fun. She has a knack for finding the most beautiful and unique pieces!! You can find out more about their barn sale here:

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!