Hoffman Family

I am so excited to share this set from my recent session with the Hoffman family with you!! It is always so much fun to work with people who have a personal connection with my family; however, this one was extra special. To put it quite simply, reconnecting with Meggie a couple months ago completely changed my life. Yes, that is super dramatic, but I'm really not over-exaggerating. Meggie introduced me to Beachbody and her amazing community of coaches. Because of Meggie, Reece and I are in the best shape of our lives and have a totally new appreciation for eating clean and motivating each other to exercise. It's because of Meggie that I decided to make the jump into being a Beachbody coach and I've loved every minute of it. She is so sweet and genuine, and I am honored that she asked me to snap a few photos of her brand new baby daughter once she was born.

Newborn sessions are so great. Whenever I prep my clients about what to expect with a newborn session, I literally just say that we are going to hang out for an hour. We talk about the first few days of new parenthood we laugh at the ridiculousness that is sleep deprivation, we gush over the cuteness of new life. There's no posing, no props, no pressure if the baby is crying or sleeping or pooping or whatever. Just us spending some quality time together. I love it, because it is real, raw and true.

One of my favorite parts of the session with the Hoffman's was meeting Josh for the first time and seeing just how much he loves each of his girls. It was such a special thing to witness, and you can tell the feeling is mutual. :)

Here are some snaps from our time together:


Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, everyone!