The Blueberry Farm | December

A couple weeks ago I made my way down to Washougal, WA to visit Jordan and Luke at their farm. For those following along, this is the third of four shoots we're doing together as part of a personal project to document the progress of this beautiful farm over the course of a year. You can find the first two installments HERE and HERE.

I ended up going down the same day as their first "Sip & Shop at the Farm," a brilliant idea that combines hot cocoa and shopping some of Jordan's amazing vintage pieces. Little did we all know that the night before the big day, all of Washougal would become completely encased ice.

When I got out of my car, I was surrounded by a distinct crackling sound. At first I thought it was cars arriving, because several people had braved the ice to shop at the farm. It was only a few moments later that I realized that crackling was the ice melting and breaking. Not kidding. The sun was shining brightly and everything was slowly starting to melt. It was the most breathtaking sight I've ever seen.

It was the first session at the farm that I barely spent any time with Jordan and Luke. Thankfully and very graciously, they gave me free reign of their property to document while they took care of their guests. Besides the occasional danger of being struck in the head with falling ice (again, not kidding), it was the most peaceful 30 minutes I've had in a while.

Still life photography is definitely not my forte, but I am forever grateful to Jordan and Luke for giving me the opportunity to photograph the different seasons at the farm. I hope these photos give you all little glimpse of the beauty we witnessed that day (and that they get to witness EVERY day):


^^ Aren't they just the sweetest?!? So proud of these two.

If you'd like to learn more about their adventures on the farm and stay in the know about upcoming events, check out Jordan's website for all the deets: