Sheldahl Family

Every year, I go into the late fall/early winter season with the understanding that rain might be a factor in my sessions. More often than not, I'll go ahead with a session even when there is rain in the forecast because inevitably we will catch a break and totally be in the clear.

And of course, every year, there is one session that I end up rescheduling because of what the weather might do and end up being totally wrong. :)

A few weeks back the Sheldahl family and I had planned on meeting on a Saturday to shoot some updated photos of their adorable twin girls. At the last minute we moved the session from Saturday to Sunday because the weather looked infinitely better on Sunday...until it wasn't. Instead of enjoying a lovely partly sunny morning like we had hoped, they were brave enough to endure brutally cold winds down by the beach! Once the rain started falling, we agreed that it would probably be in everyone's best interest to head to their house and finish the session at home.

It turns out the day prior they had found their Christmas tree, so we spent a few minutes hanging out on the floor while the twins explored the lights and ornaments that would eventually decorate their new tree. Although it was totally spur of the moment and not what we had in mind at the start of the session, the moments in this set with their little girls are some of my favorites of the whole Christmas season. Years from now, when the girls are older and more seasoned pros at this whole Christmas thing, it will be fun to look back and remember their wonder and awe when playing with Christmas lights and ornaments.


Thank you, Dana and Pete, for asking me to document your sweet family! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!