Mackinzie + James

I had the opportunity to photograph Mackinzie and James as part of a mentor session with Carina Skrobecki a couple of weeks ago. I was super excited to learn from Carina and to work with a couple in an environment I don't get to shoot in often (a studio + SODO + West Seattle). Mackinzie and James are engaged in real life and Carina is shooting their wedding this summer, so this was basically an engagement session for them (with 2x the photos!).

I'll be honest, I was stoked up until like two minutes before Mackinzie and James showed up and then I was hit with this huge wall of butterflies. Like, head-to-toe nerves, guys.  I think it was a combo of realizing I was finally getting the opportunity to shoot along one of my all-time favorite photographers and not wanting to let Mackinzie and James down.

But then, while Carina and Mackinzie were deciding on outfits, James and I started chatting quietly and I learned a little bit more about them as a couple. How they've been together for a couple of they've grown together and are in such a good place right now. While he shared, my nerves melted away and I felt like I was talking to a friend. It was so special and I was so grateful to have been given that little insight into their relationship. It's clear that these two love each other so much and just genuinely enjoy being together. 

The connection between them was evident throughout the whole session. The coolest thing, though, were all the little in-between moments. The side glance when they thought we were done shooting (ha, never). Reaching out and holding hands as we walked to the next spot. The random hug. Or kiss. Or inside joke. These are the moments that made the session for me, and I'm grateful to have caught a few on camera. I was actually really sad when it ended because I felt like we could have all gone out for coffee and spent the rest of the day together (just me? gah, I hope not).


Here are a few favorite snaps:


Thanks so much, Mackinzie and James, for being our models for the day! I hope you love the photos, and I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

I also want to give a shout out to Carina. I've mentioned her a couple of times over the past year or so.  I've done a couple of mentor sessions with her and I can honestly say that they have been the best investments I've made in my business (besides my camera). In all seriousness, though, she is so open and honest about everything. The advice and feedback that she gave me in my portfolio review and just general q&a was priceless. It was so nice to be able to sit and chat with someone for a few hours, knowing that I was getting honest feedback and not just lip service. If you are a photographer even remotely considering investing in a mentor session, I highly recommend you check her out. If you're a fan of photography and art in general, you should check her out as well.  Here's a link to her site:


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! More to come next week.