Kate + Jesse

I've been wanting to have a shoot in the mountains for a few years, at least.  Two years ago, though, I was in the middle of working a desk job and my shoots had to be limited. Last year I was pregnant, so it definitely wasn't happening. :) I wish you could have seen my reaction when I read Kate and Jesse's email saying they were down for pretty much anything for their engagement session and sure, going up to the mountains sounded like fun.

I'll give you a hint: it involved dancing at my computer and saying "YAAASSSSSSS."

We had so much fun spending the morning together last Saturday up near Denny Creek.  It's a little nerve wracking offering to go on a half day excursion with two people you have never met before but we talked the whole time, and it was awesome.  I am in awe of these two.  They seem so comfortable with each other and are way more mature than I was at their age. You can tell they value good relationships with friends and family.   I am so excited to shoot their wedding in September and I know it is going to be so special.

Here are a few favorite snaps from our time together:


Thanks so much for adventuring with me, you two! Hope the photos bring you lots of smiles. :)

Happy Thursday,