Friday Favorites + Danica

I'm totally doing a combined post, y'all.  Here are my reasons:

1) I'm really liking this Friday Favorites idea, where I share a few of my favorite photogs.  I'm not even going to look and see if "Friday Favorites" is a thing that someone else has already thought of (remember "One Frame Wednesday?").  I don't care, it works and I love it.  It's here to stay. :)

2) I can't wait any longer to share these photos from my session with Danica.  But like really.

3) IT'S FRIDAY.  That should be enough.  

Okay, so first I'd love to share some favorites from Danica's session.  You have to scroll through these to get to the links for this week's favorite photographers, but I promise you won't regret it.  :)  I am dubbing this session my first official golden hour sesh of 2015.  Some people call it 'magic hour,' but I'm sticking with the golden hour because the light truly turns golden and all is right with the world when it does.  

I met up with Danica and her mom at Jenkins Creek Park, which is a gorgeous park hidden away in the middle of a neighborhood in Covington.  Really, HOW HAS THIS SPOT NOT BEEN DISCOVERED?!?  It is gorgeous and I highly recommend it if you're ever looking for a place to walk (or have a photo shoot) this summer.  You guys, there was so much laughing during this session.  Mainly because when I finally get the shot I'm hoping for I turn into a slightly crazy person and start dancing.  If you have had a session with me, you totally know what I'm talking about.  Now, imagine me dancing with a 24-week baby bump and it's pretty hilarious.  About halfway down you'll see a pre-dance/post-dance shot and totally see what I mean. :) Making a fool out of myself is basically my secret to capturing a genuine laugh on camera.  But, hey, it works so judge all you want.

Thanks for spending time with me, Danica and Julie!  I hope you love the photos and that they bring a smile to your face. 


Okay!  Without further delay, here are a few other favorite photographers who I love and you might love too!

JENNIFER TONETTI-SPELLMAN: I took a class from Jennifer through The Define School ( and really enjoyed her teaching style.  She is solely a documentary-style family photographer, which is a style that I really want to improve on when documenting my own family.  She is so warm and wonderful, and is also expecting baby #2!  If you're looking for some inspiration for family shoots, you must check her out: | 

JASMINE STAR: Jasmine is one of the most popular wedding photographers in the world...and I actually don't think that's much of an exaggeration.  The Knot just recently announced she was their dream photographer, so that's cool.  I like her writing style and just enjoy how open she is about educating others.  Plus, she's currently teaching a 6-week wedding course on Creative Live for FREE.  So that's fab ( |

JONAS SEAMAN: Earlier this week, Jonas posted a photo on instagram and I literally said "WOW" out loud:  He is a PNW photographer and I seriously don't understand why this guy doesn't have thousands of followers on IG.  His style is so unique, and he captures emotion so incredibly well.  Definitely worth a look! |

That's it for now!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!



P.S. Because of the holiday on Monday, you can expect the Monday Musings to be published on Tuesday!!  Photogs need some time off too!  ;)