Dani & Senad

Wednesday, Wednesday.  We're halfway through the week, folks!  Time for a little photo-loveliness to get you through hump-day.

A couple weeks ago, I showcased a few of my favorite photos from Dani and Senad's post-wedding session but I love their gallery so much I wanted to share a few more.  These two were so sweet together, I really enjoyed seeing them interact.  We met down at Discovery Park and found some of the loveliest light.  We also tested the theory that the folks that run the park don't actually check that people parking by the beach have a permit...and were proven wrong.  Poor Senad walked up right as his car was being loaded on the tow truck and I managed to barely escape with an impound notice on my car and a "you better get out of here before the tow truck comes by" warning from the lady who wrote the notice.  She got a huge hug from me before I booked it out of there...and was passed by four other tow trucks on their way down.

So, lesson learned, if you're going to go to Discovery Park...park up top like you're supposed to and hike down like the rest of the world.  Unless you have your kids with you, then get a parking pass and you should be good to go. :)

Fortunately, we were able to capture some great moments before the tow truck fiasco.  These two were such great sports that we even snapped a few after everything was sorted out!  Here are some of my favorites:


How can you NOT feel happier after looking at those two together??  :)  Have a wonderful Wednesday, folks!