Hey guyssssssss.

I hope you are all keeping cool in this heat!! We're trying to over here but I am definitely ready for the summer weather to transition to cooler, fall-ish weather, like right now.

Sadly, I'm super behind on and on The Cocobee. (insert sad face) It's been an amazing summer with fabulous shoots left and right, and I am having a tough time keeping up!! There's so much more goodness to share with you all and I promise you'll see more soon.

I have been waiting for the perfect time to debut this set of images of my gorgeous friend Shannon since coming back from Colorado and apparently waited just a little too long because her sweet little baby decided she was over it and made an appearance five weeks early!! Everyone is healthy and beautiful, and we could not be happier for Shannon, Tim and their wonderful family of five.

A couple notes about Shannon...we have been friends since freshman year of college, because her boyfriend (now husband) was good friends with my boyfriend (now husband). Early on we realized we were pretty much the same person, just living in different states!! She is a lot smarter than me, though, focusing on science in college while I went the numbers route with accounting (we all know how that turned out).

As we have grown older and as our families have expanded, I have come to treasure our friendship more and more. Shannon's friendship was particularly impactful for me this summer when we connected several times to check in with each other, swap stories of being toddler moms (that should totally be a hashtag) and encouraged each other when we need it most ("No, you're not a bad mom!).

Tim and Shannon live in the beautiful state of Colorado and I was so honored to have the opportunity to travel to their home in Glenwood Springs last month. Not only did I get to spend some alone time with Shannon for a little mini maternity session, but I got to have TWO documentary-style sessions with her whole family while I was with them. I cannot wait to share those with, really though. I'll probably publish them both tonight or tomorrow. :)

Here are a few favorite moments from my time with Shannon:


Thanks so much for all you do, Shannon! And congrats on your new little one!! I can't wait to see her grow!