It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend out here in the PNW, and by the amount of sun streaming through my window I think we're going to be off to a good start! In lieu of Friday Favorites today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite frames from my spring update session with Rhiannon a few weeks ago!

It was so much fun walking around the arboretum together and trying out new things.  Something that I am really loving with these senior spring update sessions is that we are all super comfortable around each other already, which helps.  The seniors have the chance to mix things up a little bit from their first session, which usually involves a lot more collaboration.  WHICH IS AWESOME.  :)  I am so excited to see what the future holds for Rhiannon!  She is graduating from Kentlake in a few short weeks and is headed off to Eastern in the fall (woohoo, Cheney!).  

Here are some faves from our session.  Enjoy!


Have a very lovely weekend, and enjoy the sun!