Meno Family

What a sweet, sweet blessing it has been to sneak in some family sessions in the midst of wedding season. I am super thankful to to take a step back from the general busy-ness of weddings and document a completely different type of busy: parenthood.

There is something so special about those first couple months for a family after a new baby is born. Yes, it is crazy and yes, there is not a lot of sleep. However, having a new little life in the house tends to put everything in perspective. Life slows down a bit and you get to focus on little victories again, like naps and making it out for a family walk.

A few weeks back, I traveled to Magnolia to document Geoff, Adria, and their two beautiful kiddos.  They were so gracious and kind, and it was an honor to document their family.

Here are a few favorite snaps:


Happy August, friends!!