Littell Family

Three years ago, the Littell family invited me into their home to photograph their new baby daughter. I remember her older sister running around, showing me all the new things for her baby sister. It was so awesome to spend time with them again, with the youngest now three years old.

The Littell's are moving to Texas in just a few days and asked to have a session to help them remember the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We spent an evening at Carkeek Park in Seattle, a place where they have fond memories of with the girls. We explored the trails surrounding the park and then headed towards the beach using the footbridge that literally goes right over the very active train tracks. It was such a cool experience to be right next to the trains as they rumbled past. I am so thankful for the time spent with this family, and their willingness to stay just a little bit longer into the evening so we could enjoy part of the sunset.

Here are some favorites from our evening:


Thanks again for spending time with me, you guys! I'm excited to see where your Texas adventure takes you.


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