Kelly Family | May 2017

Gonzaga University holds a very special place my heart. It was my dream school when applying for colleges, and turns out it was my husband's dream school as well. Reece and I did so much growing while at Gonzaga, both individually and as a couple. The memories we have there are some of the best and will last us a lifetime. Similarly, the friendships we formed while at GU are some of the strongest. While we rarely get to see our GU friends (because #parentlife and #adulting), there is a love between us that will never say. Some might call it Gonzaga love? LOL. Had to bring back that video for funsies. :)


A few months ago, my friend Shannon sent me a message with an idea. Her family was traveling to Spokane for her husband's youngest brother's graduation. Might we be interested in meeting up and having a photo session? Um, heck yes.

Some of you might remember the Kelly's from my Colorado trip last summer. At the time, Shannon was pregnant with her third and we had an fabulous photo-filled weekend (see the photos HERE and HERE). It is amazing to see just how much they have grown in such a short amount of time!

It was so awesome walking around campus with the Kelly's. What a surreal and full-circle experience to take our children to places where we walked hundreds, thousands of times as undergrads. I'll never forget it, and am so thankful for the opportunity to see the Kelly's multiple times this summer.

Here are some faves from our day together:


Thank you, Tim and Shannon, for asking us to join you during such a busy weekend! You guys rock. We're so blessed to call you our friends for life.