Last weekend I had the opportunity to walk around my favorite park in Covington (Jenkins Creek Park, in case you're wondering) with one of the coolest, most down-to-earth high school seniors. EVER.

Before a senior session, I'll ask whoever is scheduling (usually their mom) to share a little bit about the person I will be shooting. What are their favorite activities? Where are the going after graduation? Any interesting facts? Here are a few words used to describe Devin:

Running start. Wrestler. Planning on studying Civil Engineering. Peer minister at church. Participated in summer mission trips. Hard worker.

Basically, a super awesome person. :) I knew Devin a little bit from church, but we have never interacted enough for me to fully grasp everything he was involved in. After spending time with him during our session, I can tell he is going to go far in life.


As summer draws closer, we're being treating to more and more lovely summer evenings here in the PNW. Even though we were being threatened with rain at the beginning, by the end of the session the sun peeked through and gifted us with the most perfect glow. Here are a few of my favorites:


Thank you, Devin, for hanging out with me! Hope you had a good time!! :) Best of luck in the future.