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Every year I come up with a personal photography project designed to push me out of my comfort zone. I know this is not a revolutionary thought, as most photographers do this to some degree. I think we all can agree that the most creative and personal growth occurs when we go beyond what we consider as comfortable and 'safe.'

This year I really felt the calling to work with a few female entrepreneurs in my own community. While this might not seem like a big stretch, it is definitely a departure from my normal blend of lifestyle/documentary photography and has forced me strictly to approach these sessions as a fly on the wall, as if I weren't there at all. I love it. It has been super exciting to spend time documenting these amazing women in their element.

First up on my list this year was Claire, the mastermind behind For the Love of Gourmet. Claire is an all-around fantastic person, and someone I look up to quite a bit. After spending years experimenting with her own recipes, she recently decided to launch her food blog and has been killing it lately.

We thought it would be fun for me to document one of her creations from a 'behind-the-scenes' perspective. One afternoon while both her boys napped, I stopped by and documented her making a Spicy Sweet Potato Peanut Soup with Kale Pesto. It was so fun to see her process from chopping the vegetables, all the way to styling the final result for photos. Sadly, I do not have the gift of styling food and am just in awe of anyone who can do it well. Claire definitely has what it takes to make an amazing food blogger: gorgeous photography, relatable content and (most importantly) delicious food. I know I'll be first in line when she decides to publish her own cook book some day!! :)


Now, do yourself a favor and make sure you bookmark that soup recipe for dinner this week! Don't forget to follow her on Instagram!

If you or someone you know runs a blog or a small business and is pining for a photo refresh, I'd love to hear from you! These projects are so much fun, and I would love to collaborate with more folks in the future.


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