Charbonneau Family

There is something so special about the first three months (or so) of being a new parent. Every stage as a parent brings its own set of blessings and challenges, but so much happens in the first three months of a little baby's life that no day is quite like any other.

While I do love sleepy newborn shoots so much, I am rediscovering my love and appreciation for babies just out of the newborn stage. One and two month-olds are a little different in that they are awake for longer periods of time and are far more observant, but they are still young enough that really all they need to stay happy is food, cuddles and sleep. :)

A couple weekends ago I spent a sunny afternoon with the Charbonneau family and their sweet little baby V. It was sweet, simple, and full of love. Just how a photo session should be, in my opinion.

Here are some faves from our time together:


Thanks for spending time with me, you guys! Your family is so full of love. I can't wait to see what the next several months bring for you.