Alissa + Caleb | Wedding

Several years ago, I remember very distinctly having a conversation with Alissa at her high school graduation/college sendoff party. We had only chatted one-on-one briefly in the past, and it was so kind of her to take a few extra minutes to say hello in the middle of her crazy busy party. In that short amount of time together the conversation drifted from college and the years beyond, to her boyfriend, Caleb. I was in awe of how confident she was not only about what she wanted to do in life (become a nurse), but also in her relationship with Caleb. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that they would get married one day.

Given that my husband and I started dating right after high school and knew at four months that we were meant for each other, I totally appreciated where she was coming from. When you know, you just know.

Fast forward all these years later and here we are. Alissa is a nurse at Children's Hospital and she and Caleb are now married! Last month I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding at St. Stephen the Martyr in Renton. The whole day was overflowing with love and support from all areas of their lives. It was an honor to be part of such a beautiful day. 

Caleb and Alissa are amazing, individually and together. Whenever you talk to either of them, they make you feel like you are the only person in the room. The ease with which they carry themselves (again, individually and together) is rare and, frankly, inspiring. They have been through a lot and have an incredible faith that stems from the love and strength of both of their families.

One of my favorite moments from their wedding day was listening to the speeches during the reception. All of the speeches were beautifully written, emotional (in the best way) and full of laughter. Both Caleb and Alissa's dads were so complimentary of their children, you could just hear the amount of love, pride and respect they had for their kids when they spoke. They were unlike any parent speeches I had heard before since becoming a wedding photographer, and left a lasting impression. As a parent of two young children, it was inspiring to see what could be twenty (or more) years from now.

Being able to document the story of Caleb and Alissa's day is a huge treat. I hope these images transport you into their day so you, too, can experience the love and joy from the day.


Caleb and Alissa, thank you SO MUCH for asking me to be part of your special day! You two are rock stars, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for you.


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