Ana Maria + Jesse | Wedding

Anyone who has planned a wedding, or been close to someone planning a wedding, knows that weddings in general can be stressful.  From coordinating the guest list, to figuring out the location, to deciding on how to make the day special without going totally over budget (oh yeah), there is a lot for a bride and groom to think about.  I think it is so cool whenever I come across a bride and groom who manage to master the art of making their day special, without getting caught up in all of that other 'stuff.'  Really, the whole purpose of a wedding is to kick off a marriage...and it was clear that Ana Maria and Jesse knew what was up.

These two have been together for eight-ish years and just from spending a little bit of time together it's obvious that they are best friends.  I had the opportunity to photograph both of them getting ready, but the real fun started once they finally saw each other about an hour before the ceremony.  From then on out, it was all smiles and lots and lots of laughter.  You can tell that they just love being in each other's presence.  Everyone who attended the wedding knew it, too, and it was such a cool experience to witness the amount of love and support they receive from their family and friends.

Some of my favorite moments: Watching the video of Jesse's face when he saw Ana Maria for the first time | Every person in their bridal party had a part in officiating the wedding and it was pretty much the coolest thing ever | Seeing Ana Maria and Jesse dance right after the ceremony | Listening to Ana Maria facetime with her family in Mexico | Tables named after their favorite authors (including J.K. Rowling, obviously) | Ana Maria surprising Jesse with a song during her speech | The FASHION at this wedding (straight out of a magazine)



Thank you so much, Ana Maria and Jesse, for asking me to photograph such a special day.  I hope you enjoy the photos, and wish you all the best as you begin this new adventure together!!


P.S. HUGE shout-out to my husband, who joined me as a second shooter for a few hours.  Not only was it a relief physically (wedding-ing at 37 weeks pregnant is hard), but it was a blessing to be near you on a day filled with such love.

Have a wonderful Monday!