You all know how much I love senior's so much fun to meet these soon-to-be high school graduates and hear about their lives, their hopes and their dreams.  High school is not easy for most people, whether it be because of school work, friend stuff, or personal stuff.  You do a lot of growing in high school, and obviously you're gearing up for a whole lotta of growth heading into the adventure of adulthood. :)  I'm so happy I had the opportunity to fit my first class of 2016 senior session in before my maternity leave, with none other than the fabulous miss Charlotte.

Charlotte has the most amazing aura about her, a mix of maturity, confidence and patience.  I met Charlotte as part of the St. John's Lifeteen program but have never had the chance to really connect with her until recently when she started babysitting for us.  We had so much fun together during her session this past weekend and she was nice enough to humor me by going to locations that I've been dreaming about but hadn't used before in a session.  The first location was the park in my neighborhood.  Yes, that's right, folks!  We have this amazing park basically in our backyard and I had been wondering how it would fare for sunset portraits.  The answer?  Pretty fabulously. :)

I've also been eyeing this greenish trailer that has been in the Kentwood staff parking lot for the past several months. We snagged the last moments of the sunset in front of this trailer and I think the shots actually turned out pretty cool.  It helps that Charlotte is gorgeous, too.  :)

P.S. Because the session went a little longer than my normal time, we were able to take advantage off all the different colors of the sunset.  From bright yellows, to a warm orange, to the fading was pretty incredible!  Here are a few (of many) favorites:


Thanks for spending time with me, Charlotte!  Hope you like the photos. :)